Events You Must Not Miss in Warsaw

Nearly every month of the year brings something fun and interesting for both locals and tourists in Warsaw. If you want to get to know this country’s traditions then by visiting Warsaw and atending some of the annual events you will certainly improve your general knowledge and you will also have lots of fun. Here are some of the most important events you should not miss in thsi beautiful city.

Warsaw Film Festival
If you are a movie lover, then we recommend you the Warsaw Film Festival, which takes place every single year in October. There is no doubt that Polish movies have caused an influential stir in lots of countries. Famous and highly appreciated producres such as Roman Polanski, actually started out in Warsaw’s film fests. All in all, this festival is a must-see one, even if you are not a movie enthusiast.

Warsaw Carnival
The Warsaw Carnival takes place in March. Therefore, if you are visiting the city at this time of the year, then have in mind to also attend this amazing event that features dancing, food feastings, as well as limitless drinks. A very important detail that you must know is that the event is held in several different venues around the city.

Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday
If you plan ti celebrate Easter in Warsaw, then the good news is that you can do plenty of wonderful and memorable things in March and April. For example, you could go to Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday is actually a beautiful Christian tradition that commemorates Jesus Christ’s passage to Jerusalem. Once the Palm Sunday ends, the Holly Week kicks off. Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and all the churches from the city hold Holy Masses throughout the day. In plus, feasts and offering of baskets with traditional foods are practiced. A basket like this contain lamb, meat, salt, bread, and eggs painted in colorful designs. All in all, this event will certainly impress you and will help you learn more about Poland.


Slaska Noc Swietojanska
Slaska Noc Swietojanska is the longest day of the year, celebrated not only in Warsaw but in entire Poland as well. Visit the Midsummer Market where you can try different foods and hot drinks. Don’t be surprised if you will see free concerts, feasting, dancers, and period-costume contests. During this amazing and fun festival, boys and girls wear garlands of flowers, while a huge garland of flowers is sent off floating on Vistula Eiver. The entire atmosphere from this event is absolutely spectacular and vibrant, and it will definitely impress you quite a lot. In the night, you will be able to enjoy a rainbow of fireworks as well as musicals, whcih often feature famous bands and artists. The festival is held every year in June.

If you have Warsaw on your to-do-list, then make sure you alos take into account the above events and schedule your vacation during them. You will not regret attending any of them, and most of all, you will learn this way a lot more about Poland and its traditions than you would do if just reading all sort fo things about the country.

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